It is always satisfying to read the first book in a proposed series and be left with a desire to learn more about the characters and how their lives change and develop. Hollow Men is such a book.  It centres around the life and experiences of an (ex-army) police doctor, Dr Harry Kent.  Set in South London, it cleverly mixes police procedural, everyday life at a busy A&E department and the local underworld of disaffected youth, criminal activity and slightly naïve do-gooders.  It also harks back to Harry’s time in the army serving during the conflict in Afghanistan – the pressures felt by serving soldiers at the time and their often shattered lives afterwards.  It is at heart a gripping tale with enough food for thought (about our Health Service, the plight of the forgotten in society as well as the ‘protected’ elites) to make it more than a just a romp.

Rob McCarthy The Hollow Men
Hardback  £14.99  (368pp)

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